I am a PhD Candidate in the Caltech Computer Vision Lab, advised by Pietro Perona. I also collaborate with Meister Lab. My research focuses on sequential decision making in brains and machines. This involves topics spanning AI and naturalistic behavior, including computer vision, machine learning / reinforcement learning, systems neuroscience, and behavior modeling and prediction.

Currently, I work on 1) understanding long-horizon decision making using graph-based mazes, 2) explainable ML models of complex behavior, and 3) deep learning for modeling biological organisms from multiple modalities. I believe we build better AI by learning about intelligence from its source. On the applied side, I am interested in problems that deal with spatiotemporal data and decision-making.

Previous to Caltech in my undergrad, I worked with various organizations internationally in advancing public policy, including the WHO, and theoretical neuroscience, as a Loran Scholar.

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9/2021: I’ll be in Ann Arbor from 9/30 - 10/2 for an invited talk about our recent maze work at the Annual Meeting of the Pavlovian Society.

8/2021: Caltech featured our research on the homepage! Read the story or watch the interview to learn more about the inspirations behind the work.

7/2021: Our paper on fast sequential learning has been published in eLife.

1/2021: Our first full report characterizing and modeling few-shot learning and efficient exploration in a complex hierarchical maze is out on arxiv.

9/2020: I’ve returned to Caltech full-time while remaining the ML Lead for a confidential Google X project part-time.

6/2020: I joined Google X as a AI Resident, continuing work on ML for behavior with multiple modalities.

10/2019: Our work on rapid learning and intrinsic motivated exploration in complex maze environments for mice has been accepted to the NeurIPS Biological and Artificial Reinforcement Learning workshop

3/2019: I presented our work on automated training and iterative latent strategy inference at the SoCal Machine Learning Symposium


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